Park Farm Development

The following is the letter sent by the Parish Council in respect of the proposed Park Farm development.                                                             


Dee Walker

Development Management

Central Bedfordshire Council

Priory House

Monks Walk


Shefford          SG17 5TQ


12 March 2017


Sent by email to:

Hard copy to follow via Royal Mail


Dear Dee


Re: Planning Application CB/17/00529/OUT


Westoning Parish Council (WPC) wishes to object to the above application off Park Road and to the rear of Park Farm for the following reasons


1. The application site lies within the Permanent South Bedfordshire Green Belt and is an inappropriate development in the Green Belt;

2. The application site lies outside the village settlement envelope for Westoning;

3. The proposed access from the site from Park Road is inadequate and potentially unsafe considering that the A5120 at this point is the third most heavily trafficked road in Bedfordshire;

4. WPC is not satisfied that adequate vision splays can be achieved at the proposed access point onto the A5120 as the hedges on either side of the proposed access point are not in the control of the applicant;

4. This application conflicts with and prejudices the structured approach of the Local Plan process

5. There is inadequate provision for visitor parking within the site;

6. No worthwhile community benefit can be offered within the site as the land being offered as amenity lies within the flood plane;

7. The density of the proposed development is too high for a village location adjacent to open countryside;

8. This proposed development is contrary to the specific views expressed by village residents at the meeting held on 25 January 2017 (held before this proposed development has been announced). I attach a copy of our letter sent to the Local Plan Team following that meeting for your information.

9. There is an inadequate and unacceptable 'mix' of dwellings as it appears no retirement units or sheltered accommodation is proposed;

10. Additional development of this scale would put unsustainable pressure on local amenities without offering any realistic contribution to meeting the identified needs of Westoning.


We should be grateful if the above points are taken fully into consideration before making an officer recommendation on this application and specifically brought to the attention of members of the Development Control Committee before it is determined.



Yours sincerely



J P Read

Clerk to the Council




Cc. - Copy of letter to Local Plan Team dated 27 February 2017